• Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)

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    Live It Fit BLITZ!!

    (12-weeks to lose the most amount of fat humanly possible!)

    *PLEASE READ Qualifications & commitment below*

    Fee $375/wk.


    Is this you?

    I’m constantly doing makeovers for people on TV, on the radio or in my private studio.  And I’ve helped many individuals lose weight, drop body fat, eliminate medications, reverse diabetes, lower blood pressure, drop cholesterol and improve their life.
    And I’m currently looking for anyone who is having trouble losing weight and dropping fat.  In fact, I’m looking for people who think they’ve tried it all and just simply cannot make progress – whether that progress is dropping a lot or a little, it’s still important to you!
    Maybe you’ve tried: diets, health clubs, personal trainers, home gyms, medications, hypnosis, surgery and still feel “stuck”.  I want to hear from you.

    How does this concern you?

    • If you’re having any challenges at all in getting to your goals, I want to hear about it.
    • You may have goals of dropping 10, 25, 100-lbs or just the last stubborn 5-lbs that won’t let go!
    • You might want to develop lean muscle and melt cellulite but have been unsuccessful even after working your butt-off with a pretty boy trainer!
    • Maybe you’re constantly dieting and feel half starved from skipping meals, counting points and calories and still can’t fit one leg into your skinny jeans!
    • Maybe you’re diabetic, have a thyroid issue or just believe that you have the world’s slowest metabolism and every-time you look at a piece of cheese cake you gain 2-lbs and you’re sick of it!

    This is what you don’t need!

    You don’t need a diet!  First off – the thoughts of another diet probably makes you sick to your stomach!  Secondly, you’ve done diets before and may have even loss weight (water & muscle) only to gain it all back and then some (fat).
    You don’t need a personal trainer!   You’ve worked with trainers before and never achieved the results you wanted. Most trainers count reps and tell you to “squeeze your pecks!”  Yes, they’re very nice and well-intended, but they don’t have systems or frameworks that offer consistent measurement or offer any element of balanced nutrition other than “eat less!”
    You don’t need Will-Power!  Will-power translates into: force yourself into doing something you definitely don’t want to do!  It never lasts, doesn’t work and makes you feel defeated.

    Here's the deal...

    If you’re ready to make progress now – let me handle all of the details, complete with:
    • Workouts – All exercise is NOT equal and more is NOT better!
    You must do the right things! One of the primary reasons why the people I work with on TV change so quickly is because they are doing the right things to improve their 24-hour metabolism.  The workout MUST change constantly for results and you must focus on the right things.   Most people (and personal trainers) don't do this and they waste time and results are either non-existent or they quickly plateau after minor changes. 
    •  Nutrition (Knowing what to eat and drink) and there's more...
    I’ll set-up a menu, grocery shopping list, foods to “Grab on the Go” and give you over 100-fat dropping and delicious recipes! 
    You’ll also have the option of having all your meals shopped, prepared, labeled and delivered by my TV co-host Chef Binks!  (extra fee - Limited offer)
    • Motivation – Planning and re-measuring is the inner-game.  You'll deal directly with me to keep this as consistent and effortless as possible.  I'll help you add totally clarity and sustainability to your goals and work with you on lasting results.
    • Supplements - From protein shakes to vitamins – you'll learn what's good and what's not and your supplements are all included!  No more running to the health food store only to be confused by all the hype and labeling!  I’ll simplify this process and give you only what works.

    This is what this program will do for you

    Depending on your goals, you’ll lose weight, drop body fat, increase strength, shape and tone your body, increase energy but most importantly, improve the quality of your life.   Guaranteed!  

    But, Here's the Catch...

    I have room to work with 3-more individuals who dramatically want to change their body, health and life NOW!  All potential clients must contact me directly so that we can speak and I can assess your situation. 

    This is NOT for everyone!

    In the interest of not wasting anyone’s time, let me tell you right up front that…
    • If you have not decided that now is the time to dramatically improve your body and your health, this isn't for you.
    • If you are unwilling to put forth a reasonable effort to follow directions and stay consistent, this isn't for you.
    • If you are unable to keep appointments and/or are difficult, this isn't for you.
    • If you do not feel that your body, your health, your energy, your appearance and ultimately your life are worth it, this isn’t for you.
    • This program includes many resources (time, supplements, food etc).  
    • The fees start at $375/per week to take part and may seem high to some individuals.


    This exclusive program is for you if:

    ·       You are frustrated and depressed with your body!
    ·       You'd like to finally achieve long-term success by doing it right - no gimmicks!
    ·       You want to get into the best shape of your life, without wasting time!
    ·       The thought of a diet makes you SICK!
    ·       You are tired of yo-yo weight loss and gain that you’ve experienced before!
    ·       You are more experienced with your fitness, and want to improve it – naturally!
    ·       You like the idea of having the best.  A health and fitness expert and professional chef show you how to achieve all of you goals in a shorter period of time!

    By following this model:

    • Marissa Bailey (WGRZ TV2 News) dropped 19.6-lbs of fat and over 10% body fat!
    • Nicholas Piccolas (Kiss 98.5) dropped 78.7-lbs on the scale and 91.8-lbs of fat!
    • Drew Cerza (Wing King) dropped 40-lbs, 42-pts triglycerides, 35-pts cholesterol!


    This is what you’ll need to do…

    Add this order to your shopping cart and remember to include your best number or call me directly!
    If you call I can be reached at 716.633.2030 Please leave your name, number and your availability. 
    Also, state that you are calling for my "Live It Fit – Blitz!" as to avoid confusion.   I will contact you ASAP. 
    Yes, this is a premium program and not for everyone's budget.  It's designed for people who are very serious, busy or just want the best.

    Space is limited. This is ONLY AVAILABLE for 3-more individuals who want to change their body and their life NOW! 


    Call: 716-633-2030
    Make the most of your life...Live It Fit!
    Derek Alessi Ph.D

    Author: Lose Fat Forever, Bermuda Triangle Diet, Resolution Reset
    Owner: Alessi Fitness & Dr. Derek Health & Fitness
    USA Today: Health & Fitness Contributor
    TV : Live It Fit Now! Sunday- ch2 WGRZ Buffalo, Saturday- ch3 WKYC Cleveland
    Office: 716.633.2030

    P.S. In case you're skimming to the P.S., Here's the deal:
    I have room to work with 3-more individuals in WNY who dramatically want to change their body, health and life NOW!  I'll show you how to lose weight, drop body fat, increase your energy and improve your health in only 1.7% of the entire week.  
    This is my most advanced program ever to help you achieve all of your goals!  Ask for my "Live It Fit – Blitz!" - direct line is 716.633.2030. 

      Email: derek@alessifit.com

      If you have medical conditions, many of them can be treated naturally with dramatic results.  However, don't wait until you have health conditions or problems to begin.  Start NOW!

      "The time you want the map is before...you enter the woods!"

    • Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)
    • Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)
    • Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)
    • Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)
    • Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)
    • Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)
    • Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)
    • Live It Fit - Blitz 12-weeks! (READ QUALIFICATIONS BELOW)

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