Net Carbs

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“Net carbohydrates” is a relatively new term, once again used by
marketers to make certain products appear better on the label. It
describes total carbohydrates per serving minus fiber. For example, if
a Ripped-Up protein bar has twenty-one grams of carbohydrates per
serving but also contains nine grams of fiber, the label may read that
the product has twelve net carbohydrates. At first glance on the label,
twelve grams of net carbohydrates looks better than twenty-one
grams of carbohydrates, doesn’t it? However, you must realize that
the bar still contains twenty-one grams of carbohydrates, not twelve
grams. I told you they were sneaky.
Now believe me, I’m all for increasing dietary fiber. In fact, I recommended
in Chapter 5 that men consume thirty grams of fiber a day
and women, twenty-five. I envisioned most fiber to come from vegetables,
oats, nuts, wheat, and bran. However, the addition of fiber in
products is not the worst thing that food manufacturers do to our
foods, so I’ll let them be for now. But, I once again want to remind
you that they are sneaky, and if it comes in a can, a bag, or a box, it’s
most likely crap!