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    VIP offer only!

    Since you've attended a private consultation, this VIP offer is for you...

    (only $5 for two (2) tickets - booking fee)

    Limit - 5 available tickets - first come - first serve basis

    On Saturday May 30th, you'll extend the quality of your life 10-12 years!

    How this concerns you:

    • Life expectancy decrease...For the first time ever in the U.S.! 
    • Diabetes tsunami...in 1980 it was 1-in-300, it's now 1-in-5 and growing!
    • 70% overweight or obese....causing lack of energy, poor health, poor quality of life!
    • Alzheimer's Disease....Not a natural part of aging but growing at an epidemic, now called type III Diabetes!
    • Prescription medication overload....Each adult takes six (6) on average!
    • Poor sleep....Individuals are tired after lying on a mattress over 7-8 hours a night!
    • Joint replacements....Over 2 million knees and hips per year!
    • Acid reflux.....Increased over 50% the past decade and should never occur!


    This exclusive program is for you if:

    • You are concerned about extending the quality of your life as you age!

    • You'd like to reduce or eliminate most medications!

    • You want to be around to enjoy kids and grandchildren!

    • You'd like to consistently move better & feel better!
    • You'd like to get more active with recreations, travel and lifestyle!

    • You are at a stage of your life where you're able to handle sound advice, not gimmicks and gadgets!

    • You are more experienced with your fitness, and want to improve it – naturally!

    • You like the idea of having the best. A health and fitness expert and professional chef show you how to achieve all of you goals in a shorter period of time!


      (Events have sold-out for two (4) years straight and and this one is even better!)

       *If you try to purchase a ticket and it's sold out, please send an email to info@alessifit.com with your name and I'll put you on a waiting list and give you first dibs at my next event!


      Join Dr. Derek Alessi & Chef Binks for Live It Fit  - Life Extension Event!

      Dr. Derek & Chef Binks will show you how to:

      -Decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke & Alzheimer's diseases - Today!

      Have better fitness, energy and quality of life, NOW

      -Plan your exercise sessions for efficient results!

      -Prepare your meals for simple and delicious nutrition!

      -Learn how to optimize the only place in your body that burns fat and calories! 

      -How to limit your exercise to only 1.7% of the week and still get awesome results! 

      -Get rid of or avoid acid reflux, IBS & heart burn!

      -What to buy when grocery shopping! 

      -What you MUST avoid nutritionally, if you want to decrease your risk of premature death!

      -The one secret to staying consistent and finally getting results!

      -And finally, how to do it without turning your life upside down!

      -And much more!


      We are going to guide you on your way to improving your health, energy and body without medications or unnecessary surgery.  


      As a bonus, you'll get a second ticket - FREE!

      I believe in accountability.  And there is not better way to improve yourself than with an accountability partner. So bring a family member, friend or co-worker along to help you with your new healthy life!

      As a second bonus -

      included are 100-recipes from three of my books that are delicious, healthful and easy to prepare. So after our professional chef prepares some of these dishes for you to enjoy, you’ll have the recipe for all of them! These are the same recipes that we use with our private clients. Each of these recipes are extremely tasty and super-simple to prepare. 


       Retail Breakdown
      1. 2 1/2 hour with Dr. Derek………………..………..................250.00

      2. 100-Recipe Guide …………….…………………….................40.00

      3. Grill It & Lose It (Healthy grilling cookbook)..........................19.95

      4. Spring Clean You (Body, Health, Life book)..........................19.95

      5. Resolution Reset (11-days to jump start weight loss)............19.95




      For just $37.00 -

      Two-tickets for the price one one!


      I schedule hundreds of private sessions ala cart each year.

      However, since we are doing this as part of a special event, the price is just $37.00 - for 2-tickets!



      Dr. Derek Health & Fitness - Alessi Fitness 
      6215 Transit Road
      East Amherst NY 14051


      Between Clarence Center Rd & Casey Rd



      Saturday May 30, 2015









      Limited - this is a small and exclusive event

      Risk Free!

      There is absolutely no risk to you for attending this consultation. At the end of the event, if you don’t believe that it was worth every dollar, I will refund your money. If you can personally tell me that the consultation was not worth it to you, I will return your money in full! 

      I don’t intend to waste your time or mine. My goal is to teach and help you make sense of your health and fitness, add clarity to your nutrition and workouts and lead you down the path to greater well-being.

      • Space is limited! Because of the intimacy and access to questions and answers with Dr. Derek & Chef Binks, this is a small event and will sell out and be limited to a small group. Walk-ups will not be permitted. Reservations Required.

      This is a very small price to spend on yourself. You will be improving your health, fitness and well-being immediately! Learn what the food, diet and fitness gadget companies don’t want you to know and discover how you can improve now!

      *If you try to purchase a ticket and it's sold out, please send an email to info@alessifit.com with your name and I'll put you on a waiting list and give you first dibs at my next event!

       *This is a live event like a sporting event or a rock concert.  This event cannot be rescheduled and refunds are not given to no-shows.


      Live It Fit!

      Dr.Derek & Chef Binks

      Live It Fit!